PGT - Pathfinder Global Technology



Technologies of PGT

1. Halogenation

Conversion of alkane group into alkyl halide using Chlorine, Bromine, POCl3, SOCl2.
Chlorination - SOCl2 ,PCl3 , POCl3 Bromination - Br2

2. Grinard Reaction

Reaction using Grignard Reagent which is made by adding alkyl halide to Magnesium under diethyl ether, THF solution.

3. Amination

Conversion of Alkyl Halide into Alkyl urea or Carboxyl-amine Derivative using Urea, NH4OH, etc.

4. Hydroxybenzene Derivative

Uses as ingredient of macromolecule synthetic resin which is variously converted based on Hydroxybenzene.

5. Friedel-Crafts reaction

Friedel-Crafts alkylation is a very useful synthesis method for making C-C bonds to aromatic compounds under Lewis acid catalyst.

6. Ullmann reaction

C-N cross coupling reaction between halogen-substituted aromatic compound and N-substituted compound using copper catalyst.